Monday, June 20, 2011

Raw Melissa's Cooking Class + Jacob's Cove Heritage Farm

Thanks to Dresden, I got the link to a cooking class for last Saturday that took place at a local farm literally 1/4 mile from my house. I signed up eagerly! Everything we made was so yummy, and my favorite part was that the teachers of the class picked the ingredients out back moments before they started cooking. I am a big fan of fresh, local produce and the less it's tampered with, the better. We made so many yummy things- Here's a picture of the kale coconut ice cream they made us (topped with a few raspberries).
Who knew kale was so good in a sweet dish?

My other faves were the fresh basil walnut pesto (which I'm making tonight) and the pea and lime hummus. I was not disappointed! Jen Johnson and Lindsey Johnson did a great job! I love food + cooking. Plus Kara's reactions to the amazing food made it that much better :)

Also, apparently Jacob's Cove Farm does a CSA (where they provide shares of their fruits/veggies for a certain amount of weeks to you if you sign up and pay in advance.) If I was staying here I'd for sure sign up for it.

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