Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015

The first few months with a newborn always seem to be kind of a blur. I'm so tired from not sleeping and chasing a toddler around. We spend a lot of time at the park and with grandparents. Jude is growing so fast. It's so fun that we can now have full on conversations with him. And he has a memory about what we do and see. 
Right now Jude is into basketballs, still. Any ball really.
We're going to sign him up for a little soccer class through parks & rec and he talks about it all the time.
He loves nursery at church. They have an outside area with cars and a basketball hoop so he's in heaven.
He falls and hurts himself almost every day. He's always running around and being crazy. 
He still loves fruit snacks and candy of any kind.
He's started trying more things food-wise which make me happy. He used to love vegetables and then decided he didn't love them, but in the past month he's been trying things and liking them. He ate a bunch of broccoli the other night and he still loves cucumbers and carrots. 
He eats a ton of applesauce. He also loves butter.
He still loves meat- chicken, steak, salami, turkey and ham.
He doesn't like potatoes still, but usually will try them.
He wants nothing to do with potty training. I can't even get him to sit on the potty. He likes the idea of wearing big boy undies though.
Last month we moved him into his toddler bed so Willa could take his crib over. The first few days were tough, but once we didn't put him back in the crib he figured it out. Sometimes he'll get up in the middle of the night (which scares the crap out of me) but he's learning to stay in bed. I think it's time to shorten his nap so he's able to sleep better at night.
Jude loves stuffed animals, cars, animals, puzzles, books and his lawn mower.
He's good at matching things together and cleaning up after himself. He LOVES vacuuming.
He loves watching videos of himself.
He can shoot and make baskets in my parent's big basketball hoop when it's lowered to about 6 feet.
He is in a pajama wearing phase and wants to wear them all day long.
He likes to say 'That's mise' as in , That's mine. I think he learned it from nursery...
He also says things that we say to him like, "remember this?" and will hold something random up.
Or, "I know, it's hard" when he can't do something he wants.
He loves the move Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Turbo, Curious George and Handy Manny.
He doesn't like when we sing. The other night we were having Family Night and David and I sang "As I Have Loved You" and he just started crying. He gets embarrassed with attention.
Jude wears a baseball hat pretty much every day.
He loves Willa and likes to make her smile. He kisses her every morning when she wakes up and says "good morning Willa-baby"
We love Jude more than ever!

Willa turned 4 months old on March 14. She was waking up OFTEN at night and between 2-7 every hour and a half. We finally moved her to the crib in a different room and it helped. Then we started sleep training. I'm not ready to make her go all night without eating- waiting til about 5 months which  is when I did all night with Jude. Sometimes she still wakes up a lot and sometimes only once or twice. She's over 13 pounds and 24 inches long. She's actually really similar to Jude in a lot of ways, but I don't think she's as smiley and content. She really likes and needs to be entertained. 
She can roll from back to tummy pretty good now.
She likes the pacifier and uses it for sleep.
She's laughed about 8 times.
Her hair is still pretty dark but a lot thinner than when she was born. 
She doesn't like riding in the car but is getting better.
She naps every 2ish hours and the naps are usually about 60 minutes long. (3-4 a day)
We love having Willa as part of our family! She makes us so happy.
At the ER with Dad (they were there til after midnight) for a hurt arm/wrist

His little sling. It ended up being fine, but he had multiple x-rays and doctor visits.

David made himself a dart board for his bday.

David turned 35 on March 4. He went to Vegas with fam/friends.

She loves bath time, but not AFTER bath time.

David came home with a new red, white and blue hat. The next day at Target Jude saw this hat and wanted it. I didn't realize til I got home and saw David's that they were almost exactly the same.

At the car wash with dad on Saturday morning

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE dressing Willa for church.

Jude falls asleep in sacrament a lot because it's at 1130. One sunday he slept through sacrament and most of gospel doctrine with David. When he woke up and david took him to nursery he didnt want to go in, but wanted to peek in, so he pulled the chair over himself and spied on everyone.

Sunday walk on the trail

The day she didn't want to sleep without me holding her

THE cutest!

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  1. Ahhh, loved reading about all these cute kids, miss you guys!