Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jude at 3 years, 10 months

Jude is our little cautious boy. We've discovered that he's very wary of new things, but with a little coaxing (and sometimes forcing) he realizes that these new things are (usually) fun and worth giving a try. Just yesterday David got him to go down a pool slide for the first time and after that we couldn't keep him off of it. He can also swim! I wouldn't say he's 100% pool safe yet, but he can definitely get around and get to the side if he needs to as well as pause to take a breath. It just happened one day! I LOVE watching him accomplish new things. It makes my heart feel like it's going to explode (in a good way).
Jude hates getting his hair done, doesn't like brushing his teeth and can't clean anything without some help. He does love helping. If something is getting fixed or baked, he's there!
The boy loves tools. All day long, tools go in his jean pockets or in his tool belt. He organizes them and knows where they all are. He's always measuring things, leveling things, and unscrewing every knob in the house.
Jude had his first half-semester of preschool in the Spring and LOVED it. I cannot express how much he loved it. He really thrives in organized activities. He's a super good listener and loves painting and creating things. He was so ready for school. His teachers are amazing. It's been one of my favorite things ever to see him in his element when I visit him at school for parties.
Right now he still loves Mighty Machines ( a show that is literal filming of construction sites, recycling centers, factories, etc) and goes through phases with other shows. We still watch a lot of Monsters, Inc.
We've read through 3 Roald Dahl books and are on The BFG since it just came out in theaters. We read a chapter a night and he's getting better at listening and following along with the story.
He still says "anything" instead of nothing. Like "Jude, whats wrong?" Reply: "anything!"
He says biz-cuz instead of because and has a hard time saying 'girl' and 'world'. They come out like "grill" and "woy-ld'. It's super funny and cute. Other than that he's pretty articulate for a 3 year old, I'd say. I think he's an old soul like me. Ready to grow up faster than he should. He talks often about "when he's a dad and can drive a van." He cannot wait to drive.