Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Calling all Mad Men Enthusiasts

I guess if you're a Mad Men lover you are not necessarily a Joan lover. She's a little harsh. But I love her! I love her red hair, her amazing outfits and the fact that she is curvy and proud of it.

I'm almost done watching the 4th season and I have been coveting Joan's pen necklace for weeks. I always think to myself how I really want the exact same thing but that I'd probably never find it. Well... I was wrong!
After googling 'Joan's necklace Mad Men' I found this amazing vintage inspired piece.

Now my only struggle is...would I wear it? I need to force myself, I think. (I'm not a huge jewelry person). Maybe it will inspire me to dress up more :) Do you watch Mad Men? Are you a Joan fan? Oh, and have you seen the new Banana Republic line/window displays? I LOVE them!


  1. I just finished watching season 4. I'm mad that season 5 got pushed back to next march...I guess you could say I'm a mad....man. I really like the show except I feel like I need to cheat on my wife now.

  2. LOVE Mad Men! I'm on season 3 right now and all I want to do is watch it. :)