Friday, June 24, 2011

One more week

We're counting down the days til we head out on our last road trip for a while between Utah + California. We've sold almost all of our furniture (we're just taking our bed, TV, my dresser and a chair). I've started boxing up stuff we won't need to use in the next week and I'm slowly deep cleaning the apartment. Is there anything worse than cleaning a place when you're moving OUT of it? I think not.

We have a busy week ahead of us. More needs to be done by next Tuesday. We've had two shoots this week and we have two more to go. Saturday we're having brunch with family, a birthday party for sweet little Beck's 1st, and celebrating my birthday in Salt Lake with one last Sawadee dinner (and hopefully macarons @ Les Madeleines!). Sunday we're celebrating my birthday with friends + family and celebrating/mourning our move.

If anyone has any packing tips, or cleaning tips, or words of encouragement, they'd be appreciated :)

And here's some shots of Lola from the orchard/field shoot we did a few days ago. What a cutie.

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  1. All of my packing tips are the obvious ones- specific labels on boxes and have them placed in the room they go in, extra caution with dishes- it's so heartbreaking when dishes don't survive a move, i love our box we use for dishes- it has dividers in it for cups/bowls/plates. lots of bubble wrap! you can get free boxes from the post office. and RELAX. moving's a pain, but it'll get done. one step at a time.
    PS i love that first pic of her blowing the.. oh what's it called?! i'm drawing a complete blank, how annoying.
    marie antoinette bday party when you move back. let's do it!