Thursday, April 19, 2012

Halfway There

We both can't believe we're already halfway there. I can't believe how much pregnancy affects every aspect of my life. I knew it wasn't going to be the easiest thing in the world, but I find myself having headaches every day, my back hurts, and stretch marks are already stressing me out. Little kicks make me feel better, tho.
 Baby bump (it looks bigger from above)
 We shop in the clearance section of every store.
 Farrell's ice cream
My attempt at being healthy with a smoothie.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sun, sun, sun

When I was little, I was really afraid of ET. I swore he would come out from under my bed and be staring at me. I have no idea why I was afraid of him- I'd never seen the movie and he wasn't a mean alien. I'd lay in bed, as still as I could until I fell back asleep. Or, if I was beyond scared, I'd brave sneaking to my parents room. They never let us sleep with them, and I didn't want to wake them up because they'd just send me back to my bed, so I'd lay on the ground and army crawl to my dad's side of the bed (the floor was creaky if I walked, and my Mom would be more mad at me waking her up than my Dad). I'd usually make a bed on the floor and fall asleep. Once the sun rose, I knew it was safe to go back to my own bed.

Even now I'm still more comfortable when the sun is shining. At night, my thoughts go crazy. If I'm home alone, I sleep with the light on. I get up early in the morning for work, and a lot of times my thoughts are irrational. Brain takes over, things are blown out of proportion. If something is weighing on my mind, it's a thousand times worse at 3AM. Not surprisingly, my favorite time of day is sun rise. It's the beginning of everything good and the end of something dark and unknown. I am still like a little kid in a lot of ways, and this one probably won't ever change. But it's okay.

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise." -Victor Hugo

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time is flying

It's already April! The weeks are coming faster and faster now. I'm officially 18 weeks now, and I finally feel like I actually look pregnant. Yay! We are getting more and more excited to welcome baby into our family. This past weekend we cleaned off the crib we'll be using. It's the crib me and all of my siblings slept in. I'm so happy my parents saved it! I love old things, and especially ones with sentimental value.

Last weekend we got to welcome my little brother home from his mission. And when I say little, I mean younger. I am definitely the shortest person in my family now, even tho I'm the oldest sibling. Funny how that worked out :) We are so happy he's home and so proud of all of the amazing service he did for the people of Nicaragua. His accent is funny, and he's really tan, but he's still the same goofy boy he was.

We decided when we found out we were pregnant that we would wait until Kyle got home to tell him we were pregnant. I started to get worried as the weeks got closer and I wasn't showing as much as I thought I would have been. The true test came when he hugged me and looked down at my belly and said, "What's that?" Relief! I said, "Your nephew." It was a little much to take in right then, but he is really excited just like the rest of my family. Yay!