Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tri-City Park Picnic

We spent a warm Friday afternoon having a little picnic at a park near our house, feeding the ducks and  helping Jude practice sitting up.

Tummy Time

Lunch with Nana

Saturday, February 16th Jude and I went to lunch with my Nana and my mom. We were staying with my parents for the weekend while David was on his yearly guy getaway in Utah (which they left for on Valentine's Day...obviously organized by boys). We took Nana to Panera, our favorite lady lunch location.  Jude had his first taste of avocado and his first high chair experience. He didn't love either. :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

January Jude

Happy boy playing with his toys
 Thumbs up for church!
 Playing around in Relief Society
 Grocery trip
 Baby after bath

 Getting ready for the day
 Catnap before bed
 Goin' for his feet
 oh, hay

Watch Me Grow: 5 Months Old!

5 Months! We can't believe it. This boy is almost sitting up on his own. We love everything about him. He loves toys. He takes great naps. He does NOT sleep well at night, but you can't have everything, right? He is so happy, although he is starting to get attached to me. I guess it's just a natural thing since I'm with him so much. I try to pass him around so he likes being held by other people, too.

He loves oatmeal and mangoes, prunes and butternut squash. I've been making my own baby food to save money and control the quality of the ingredients, and I love  doing it! It's really so easy. I made Jude some blueberry-celery puree the other day because I was reading that celery is a natural pain killer, and this boy has started teething. He loves it and eats it up! I also give him a celery stick to suck on when it seems like his gums are bothering him.

He still loves toys and playing. We still swaddle him at naps and I've started swaddling him at night now because I think it helps him stay asleep longer. Once he wakes up he can break out, though. 
The poor boy's hair has been falling out and he basically has a thick patch at the bottom of his neck and the front top part of his head. We are so sad :( But I knew it was probably going to happen.
He wears size 3 diapers now, but we are transitioning to cloth diapers this month.

Oregon Cousins Visit

My cousin Carlie + her husband Dan and baby girl Amelia made it down to socal for a little weekend visit. We hadn't seen them since our wedding in 2006! We had a ton of fun playing with the babies, visiting Tom's Farms, and going for walks. Now it's our turn to visit Portland!

We LOVE babies in the bath! And these two love bath time.

Sharing toy time
 Me + Carlie are a year apart, got married the same year 
and had babies the same year. Twinners!
 I don't really have cousins my age and especially not ones
that live close, so spending time with our family is always
a fun thing. I'm glad we can be close even though we live
far and don't see each other a ton.
Also being around Amelia was so fun because she's
 4 months older than Jude and I can't wait for him to hit
the milestones she's at!

Juju + Mia