Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jude at 3 Years Old

Jude will be 3 in a week! I feel like it was JUST his second birthday. We are so excited to celebrate another year with our little man who weighs a mere 30 pounds :)
Jude is really into helping, fixing, taking apart and trying to put back together ANYTHING. We were at Disneyland last month and we turned around and he had taken apart a sprinkler in a planter at downtown disney. He took my electric hot chocolate stirrer and took it apart to get the batteries out. He has this little set of tools that he carries everywhere. He sleeps with them. His "hammer, schrewdwiver, wench, webel" are his most prized possessions. In the morning he comes out of his room with them either in his toolbox or his Mickey car all ready for the day. He loves wearing basketball clothes, or anything that looks like it has something to do with a sport. He has a soccer shirt from Mexico and basketball shorts and baseball pajamas. He's kind of over footie pajamas now that he knows he can sleep in his basketball shorts and it makes me a little sad :(
Jude is a great swimmer and is almost independent in the pool. He can jump in and swim to me without any help. He loves it. He is also into the beach and jumping over waves for hours.
Jude still loves to eat meat-chicken, turkey, salami. He really loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He asks for toast with butter and jelly every day, or oatmeal because I let him put sprinkles in it one time and now he knows he can get sprinkles for breakfast. He still doesn't really like eggs but will try them from time to time. He's really good about trying things. He gagged trying a big piece of broccoli and I couldn't help but laugh. He also gagged on butternut squash soup multiple times. I am proud of him for trying more than once! His favorite veggie is cucumbers and he likes to munch on a whole carrot. He's also into helping me bake zucchini bread. He also likes macaroni and cheese now. Pasta and sausage is probably his favorite. Or pizza. And mcdonalds or in n out hamburgers.
Bed time has become more of a struggle now that he can get out of bed. We do bath, read a couple books, brush teeth and get in bed. He milks every part of it as long as he can. And he often gets up a few times after we've put him to bed. I got an alarm clock that turns green in the morning when he can get up, but I don't think it's made a huge difference. I hope he grows out of the getting out of bed stage soon :)
Jude is such a good boy. We are so proud of everything he does. He makes us so happy and makes us laugh. He 's a really good big brother and really loves his sister. He's so smart and works hard to learn new things.