Sunday, October 27, 2013

Great Park Harvest Festival

We hit up the Harvest Festival in Irvine at the Great Park for the second year in a row. It was more fun with Jude being able to run around this year :) We met up with cousins this year again.
It was a cold and foggy morning but it warmed up pretty quick.
Jude picked out his pumpkin (and tried to pick up every other pumpkin, too)
We did a little trick or treating and played a few games. It was a successful Halloween activity to add to our long list of October fun! Jude loved playing in the dirt the most.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 13 Months

Now that we've passed the one year mark I won't be doing the normal posed photos anymore, but I want to still record what Jude is up to as much as I can. Now that he's WALKING we are extra busy! Jude started walking at 12 1/2 months. One day he just decided to start taking 7 steps, then 8 steps, then 15 steps.  Last week he mastered standing up by himself from sitting, so there's no stopping him! He bonks his head pretty much every single day now that he's on the run.
He now says dada, mama, baba (for a pacifier, drink, bottle or sippy cup) ba for ball, and yeah boy.
He barks, makes monkey noises, dances to ANY song, claps his hands, plays peek a boo, chomps his teeth and wiggles his toes on demand. He throws and kicks balls, throws toys to Clementine and loves climbing stairs. He plays the piano and guitars at my parents house.
Multiple times a day he goes to the door and tries to turn the knob (he can reach it now?!) so we go for walks or to the park. We get out of the house every single day to do something, whether it's walking around Target, getting lunch or going to visit Grandma.
His 9th tooth, a molar, popped through around 13 months.
Jude is still a good eater but he's definitely slowed down with how much he eats. He drinks two small bottles or sippies a day of milk, lots of water, and sometimes juice as a special treat. He loves yogurt, applesauce, bananas, grapes, oranges, blueberries and cereal bars. He also loves pancakes. He still refuses eggs, fish, avocado, and mashed potatoes.
Now that he wears shoes he loves putting them on. He likes putting on our shoes too. He also will laugh at funny things on tv shows now and we have no idea how he knows he's supposed to laugh!
The kid is obsessed with his pacifier. I try not to think about getting rid of it...
We love every new thing he learns, every smile and giggle, wiggle and dance, and his sweet peaceful slumbering face. He's cuddly and lovey and gives kisses all the time. I love watching him grow and learn but realizing that he's leaving the baby stage behind is so bittersweet.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Grandma Fenn's Birthday

To celebrate Jean's birthday the Fenns all met for lunch in Pasadena and then headed to the Norton Simon Museum. Jude made it about an hour before wanting to ditch his stroller, but it was fun to see some beautiful artwork. I really love Van Gogh, so this trip was extra fun.

Faught Disney Day

With only a few weeks left of our Disney passes we convinced my family to spend the day with us.
None of them had been with Jude, so it was fun for us to go on rides all together.
Trevor had flown in that morning from England and he was really tired but was a trooper and spent the whole day with us.
Being at Disneyland with my family makes me feel really nostalgic because we'd go once a year during the holidays and always loved it. David came too but left in the afternoon for class...which is why he's in none of the photos.

Up the Mountain for Conference

We headed up the mountain saturday night to spend some time in the crisp mountain air! Something about being there is so fun and refreshing.
We got burgers at the malt shop and ate tons of candy.
We made monkey bread for breakfast and enjoyed it while hearing the prophet and apostles speak.
Jude spent as much time walking as possible.
Then we went for a walk around the village.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Oak Glen

September Jude

Jude is into climbing on or in anything he possibly can.
 Did a shoot for Amanda's scarves and the park we were at was just lovely.

 I went to a play for a little girl's getaway and David had 
Jude all to himself for the evening. Where did he take him?
To get his first Happy Meal.

 My brothers are trying to inspire him young.