Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time for the Truth

No, I'm not pregnant. I won't be within the next 6 months.

I've had ideas and ambitions most of my life. You know in school how they ask what you want to be when you grow up? I would say librarian a lot (and I still want to be that) but secretly in my head all I wanted to be was a mom. and wife. It's one of the few things I've ever been sure about.

When we first got married I was baby hungry. I couldn't get my mind on anything else. I was barely 20 and we were so unsettled it was just out of the question. Welp, nearly 5 years down the line here we are- in the same position as before. Still SO unsettled. My three closest friends are pregnant. My other friends are trying to get pregnant.

Don't think this is me whining or being bitter- I'm not. I got past that a LONG time ago. What I'm trying to say is I don't know what happened. People bug us about why we haven't had a baby yet constantly. It doesn't bother me I guess, it's just weird. Out of everyone I know I would have thought that I'd be the one to not put this off.

So let's just say I'm hoping this is in the cards for us soon enough. I spend hours every day discussing pregnancy/baby stuff with these friends. What crib? what stroller? What bedding? Planning showers. Discussing names. Fearing labor. haha.
I spend hours researching my weirdo things like cloth diapers + the benefits of breastfeeding solely for 6 months. (Maybe that's why I have so many breastfeeding dreams?)

At least I'll be prepared when the time comes?


  1. I could 'almost' have written this post,except that I'm already 28 (gasp!) and not married yet.My boyfriend and I are going on 6 years together (3 years living together) and I have to tell you,I have "The Baby Fever" in a BIG way.My sister,close friend and a gazillion other women I know are either pregnant or just had babies.It's driving me mad,being so unsure of when I will finally get to that part of my life.

    PS. What also doesn't help,is 'nice' people always commenting on when I'm gonna start thinking of babies and such.Like I don't already...all the time!!!

  2. Whenever you get pregnant- it will be a very wanted baby, so I'll have a very lucky niece or nephew ;)! wish you guys all the best!

  3. oh girl.. you KNOW i'm going to be thrilled for you when you're a mama. you'll be the best there ever was!

  4. you have to do what's right for you. and yes, you will be VERY prepared!

  5. You know, you will never be prepared to have a baby. And by that I mean, I don't think there is ever a perfect moment in life to have one... there will always be something or another to make you think you should wait. We had one while Michael was finishing nursing school.. moved to Utah... then had another when he started crna school.. now having another. None of those times were convenient. ha But you know... it works. I think a baby is such a blessing that it will always end up working. Pray and go for it when you get the good feelings of confirmation :)))

  6. I agree with the above post. There is never a perfect time to have a baby, really there never is. Kip and I were waiting for that, we bought a house, both had jobs, were doing well and decided it was time to have a baby. 2 weeks after I found out we were pregnant Kip lost his job and we still have yet to recover, but you know what SHE HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST BLESSING EVER!!! And now I am pregnant again, we are losing our home any day, moving to Idaho, Kip will be starting school full time, and we will be having another in the middle of it all. YES it is freaky, but YES it WILL work out. The Lord provides. Take this to the temple and see what HE says, then go with it :) Good Luck.

  7. I'm not pregnant nor trying to be...? Lol You'll be a great mom whenever you become one and I'll be thrilled for you!

  8. This is exactly our conversation from last week. At least you've got me in the same boat with you....

    One day we'll be moms and it will be fabulous! :)

    Chin up! :)

  9. New follower here!

    I know exactly what you mean! I'm not even married yet (2 months to go!) and people are already asking. But the fiancé and I have some names picked out, just in case. :)