Friday, April 8, 2011

Things I want

Pinterest is spoiling me- I have a billion things I want, or want to make.

Like this succulent wreath- its ALIVE.

I've been saving the link to this vanilla milk with chocolate ice cubes for about 3 years...I should probably make it soon. I have a serious thing for chocolate milk.

I love VW's. I even had a bug in high school. (It's gone now that my brother forgot to put oil in it and it caught on fire). This onesie is WAY too cute.

S'mores are my favorite part of camping.

I have these gap jeans, but they're not as flared as this. I want these so bad! I found Kendi's website this week and her outfits are amazing. Now I need an entire new wardrobe!


  1. that wreath is seriously GORGEOUS, and i don't even like succulents. that may have just changed my mind about them.

  2. I loved all of those things too! I want that recipe for the chocolate milk! YUMMY!!! Love all your pins!

  3. haha i remember those summer days in your bug... SWEATING to death.... our butts would stick to the seat.. and we would listen to music loud.. ohh.. sooo much fun