Saturday, April 16, 2011


We decided to do something new with our old headboard to give our room a little redo. Our old headboard was actually this one here, but it was covered in fabric- two different kinds. It was originally a red toile with red and white gingham on the edges at first, then we recovered it with a very modern ikea zig zag fabric. Our style has changed a lot....haha.

My friend Amber told me about the idea of painting over letters and revealing the wood thru the lettering. Thanks to the Silhouette, we cut out our lettering using premium vinyl and painted three coats of grey paint over it. David hung it on the wall using these hooks that hold 75 pounds each- so it's pretty secure. (We didn't want it falling off on our heads in the middle of the night). It was an easy, simple product and resulted in a nice, simple headboard.

As for the lyrics- it only took me like 4 months to decide what I wanted. The lyrics shown here are from the Mason Jennings song "If You Need a Reason". The whole song is great, and the block of lyrics that include what we chose is my favorite part of the song. It was kind of long so I just picked the end verses. Here's what it says:

Lovely, lovely quiet lake
how could this be a mistake
too dark now to see your face
your hair is blowing all over the place
the moon is caught in a frozen glass
it could not let this moment pass
the sun is waiting far away
until i have a chance to say
all that's missing, all thats lost
every hope at any cost
every dream too good to come true
floods my heart when i'm with you


  1. That is SO SO SO CUTE!!! What a great idea!

  2. cute idea! it turned out great. i love how clem is laying there all nonchalant. haha.

  3. Random question... I rescued my dog and he is identical looking to the dog pictured above (maybe a little smaller). The lady couldn't ever tell us his breed, what breed is your dog?

    1. Hi! Clementine is a miniature Schnauzer :)

    2. That must be what Arthur is then, because I swear they could be twins down to their markings, ears, everything! :)