Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our day in LA + 500 Days of Summer Tour

Even though David + I have lived in southern california our entire lives, we've never explored LA together. We decided to have a day in LA with our good friends Greg + Cori. We started out with lunch at Philippe's. Yummy french dips!

Olvera Street.

Riding a tram up to see the park from 500 Days of Summer.

THE bench they sat on in the movie. 

The building he goes to at the end of the movie for his interview. It's awesome!

Pershing Square.

We ate a yummy lunch, then 3 desserts, then made dinner at home + enjoyed treats and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Here we are at a fun macaron place.

Thanks for the awesome day in the city, Shaws!


  1. I love that picture on the tram! I loved this day. Let's do another [different] city day soon.

  2. What a great idea and pictures- I love that movie!

  3. ooo looks fun! will you take us when we are down there next? I want a day in LA with the Fenns