Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun Stuff

We've been soaking up all the time we can with our family + nieces before David starts school and I apparently won't see him ever again (according to every single person we met on his tour of campus). 

Moonsung threw Chelsea a sweet baby shower at a yummy restaurant in Pasadena and Lilah sat by me :) My nieces give me hope for someday having chill children.

After we spent the rest of the day with Brian and Moonsung in Dana Point.

Later in the week we took some of our stuff up to a storage unit David's parents have in Crestline.

And visited a really cool house that we were always checking out when we lived up there that is STILL not finished being built!

Monday we made homemade empanadas for FHE in the park.

Saturday we went to the San Diego wild animal park.
Look at that face!


  1. Glad you guys are having fun! I can't believe that castle house isn't finished yet- I have a picture in front of it and I'm pregnant with Chloe.

  2. We had so much fun with you and David. We are looking forward to more fun days together!