Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our 4th Adventure

June 30th we headed out, leaving our little Orem apartment behind. It was the longest we'd stayed in one place (2 years) and even tho it was small and not fancy, we really enjoyed our time in our apartment.
We've been unpacking and organizing our stuff into a little bedroom in my parent's home. We've also been super busy visiting family and friends, and our favorite places we've missed. We spent July 3rd in Lake Arrowhead because they were doing their fireworks show that day instead of the 4th. We hung out at David's aunt + uncles and watched the fireworks over the lake. One of our favorite places to be on one of our favorite days. (below is waterman canyon)
(and crestline cutoff)
Thrifty's ice cream in Blue Jay
This is actually Lilah the day after the 4th. We stayed at Dustin + Chelsea's and then spent the day after the 4th with them. I had to take some pictures of Lilah's hair. These girls have the best hair- it's perfectly curly. But Lilah had this 80's over the eye curl going on and I couldn't stop laughing. Thats why theres 2 pictures.

Campbell ready for the fireworks!

Swimming + eating treats.


We love our nieces. Like, LOVE. And we are so happy they love us!

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