Monday, August 2, 2010


One of my favorite things is reading through my journal. I am so so so happy that I kept one (online and written) before and during dating david. I found a list of things I love...I thought I'd document it on here, among other things over the next few weeks. It's my anniversary month so I'm feeling lovey and nostalgic. Here's my list with a few things omitted that don't apply anymore. This is what has stood the test of time (a.k.a. the last 5 years).

Red hair.
Slip-on shoes.
Red nail polish.
Singing Carole King with mom.
Crest whitening strips.
Summer nights.
The lake.
Black and white pictures.
Banana seat bikes.
Boy backs.
"Sleeping with you, sorry I snore".
Sounding better live.
Sylvia Plath.
Dating through every season.
Down comforters.
Clean baby smell.
Home videos.
Sleeping with the window open.
One pieces.
Dad liking an album he borrowed from me(that's all that matters).
O, that I were an angel...
TAF strumming, me singing.
Sign language.
Cracking toes.
Fab four.
The fourth of july.
Feeling like I'm still 14.
Central park.
David Fenn.

What I want to add to my list:

Peace signs.
The Davey Crocket quilt.
Baby names.
When he IMs me.
My parents backyard.
Any of my siblings playing any instrument.
Forehead kisses.
Knowing where I'll be every Sunday for the rest of my life.

Someday her name and mine are going to be the same.


  1. I love looking back at my blurb books, but my high school diaries are just embarassing- I have no idea what to do with them. See yah guys in a few days!

  2. i remember you and keiri would always harmonize when you sang in church.

  3. did we seriously just post the same thing about our anniversary month? i swear i didn't see this until JUST NOW. super weird. stop copying me.