Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shakespeare Festival

We had a great time at Shakespeare this year in Cedar City. We always look forward to it because it's a short little vacation that gives us a break from all our responsibilities. Everyone came this year except Brian + Moonsung, since she's due with her baby girl in a few more weeks.

Friday: David got up early and golfed, while I slept in. We didn't get that much sleep because of a super loud AC unit that howled along with the wind. Did you know it was windy in Cedar City? It was about my 6th time there and I never noticed the wind before this trip. Later that day we headed over to the El Rey where everyone else stays and all the kids swam. Then we ate lunch at Cafe Rio. Never get sick of it. Then we took naps. Then we headed to the green show on campus and I saw Pride and Prejudice while David saw...I don't remember what play it was. My play was really good.

Saturday: David golfed early again. We had lunch at the park- dutch oven chicken and cobbler. We went up to Cedar Breaks and walked around, then went to the green show. Then dinner at Pizza Factory. After we went to see Inception with Dustin and Chelsea.

There wasn't really ever a dull moment with so many people and kids running around. It was a fun little trip as always.
And that picture of me and David at Cedar Breaks was the only picture of both of us together taken the entire weekend...and the only one with me in it. Oh well.

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  1. sounds like a lovely time - i wish i could have gone! beautiful photos.