Wednesday, May 27, 2009

martin's cove

here are some of us in wyoming. we got in really late saturday night and were still able to do a few mile trek with a handcart. we got to see where the pioneers walked and stayed for shelter. we heard really amazing stories about david's ancestors and other amazing individuals. one of the highlights was seeing the river where the young men carried members of the handcart companies across the river. even us girls pulled the handcart up a very steep hill! we saw devil's gate and independence rock.


  1. this brings back very exhausting memories of my stake's pioneer activity. never want to do it again. but it really does make you appreciate the pioneers that much more.

    glad you got to make it to that ice cream store- delicious edibles are what always make a trip.

    PS i love that picture of the cows kissing :)

  2. It looks like you guys had a fun trip! I love the pictures!

  3. You guys look like "REAL" pioneers!!! Well besides the ponchos... What a great trip!

  4. this is so random but I saw Night At The Museum and became obsessed with Amy Adams' hair in it (see it here:
    but i'm TERRIFIED of cutting my hair right now...but then i thought of YOU and how you already have the PERFECT hair cut for this look...just sayin. i think you should go buy some hot rollers.