Wednesday, May 20, 2009

adventurous us

last weekend i headed to california for a few days by myself to visit family and do kyle's senior pictures. this coming weekend we are driving to wyoming with brian and moonsung to visit david's parents who are serving a mission at martin's cove. we are also going to drive to visit mount rushmore in south dakota. we are excited about both places and i am super excited to get some good photos of devil's gate and the president's faces. david's family has a rich pioneer history and his dad sent us this talk by president hinckley, which is about one of david's great grandmothers who made the trek across the plains as a pioneer. enjoy the talk here

this talk gives me courage and reminds me what our ancestors did to bring the gospel to us. how could i ever give that up? i have to do so little and they had to endure so much. this weekend is going to be wonderful!


  1. Have fun you guys! Wish we could go, tell Jean and John we say hi!

  2. Sounds like so much fun, have a total blast together doing all that fun stuff!

  3. what an exciting trip- have fun! i miss you that much more knowing you are that much further away from me.

  4. You two are fabulous photographers!

    Just stumbled on your blog...