Monday, August 25, 2014

Shakespeare Festival 2014

The two months leading up to Shakespeare were intense this year. David was studying about 12 hours a day every day in preparation for the bar. We decided to leave for Cedar City immediately after he was done taking his last test. He stayed at a motel in Ontario while taking the 3 day test. I was struggling at home, stressing for David, and Jude was on day 3 of a high fever. We were all ready for a vacation! I spent the days leading up to our getaway cuddling with a sick boy who ended up having a 5 day fever and just felt horrible. I packed up the car for our 3 week trip (we were heading further north after Shakespeare this year) and grabbed David in Ontario Thursday evening and we were off!

Jude did much better than we expected and slept a lot or was content watching Cars on the iPad. He was very fussy all weekend but I don't blame him- I know he wasn't feeling like himself. I'm glad David was able to relax after a stressful few months of studying and test taking and I was so happy to spend time together as a family and extended family!

Up at Cedar Breaks in a field

This kid loves a good ball


Watching the green show


The girls got to see Sense and Sensibility this year

Swimming for Sadie's bday

Dad decided to get Jude a GIANT sword

Swimming with Grandma

Punch + Judy

And the glorious adult only night out!
Japanese food is amazing and minivans ROCK!

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