Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jude is almost 2!

Our favorite boy is almost TWO years old! We can't even believe it. Time goes so fast and while each new age brings fun, I miss him being so small. Jude is running everywhere, randomly learned how to gallop 3 days ago without anyone teaching him and wants to spend every moment outside. 
Here's some more fun things about Jude:
He can repeat anything we say. 
He started saying "yes? OK" when we ask him a question.
He says fruit snack? about 10 times a day and would eat them for every meal if we let him.
He loves stuffed animals, especially Mickey Mouse
He started hating baths after loving them for almost two years
He also hates getting his diaper changed and getting dressed
But he will tell me when he's pooped which is nice...I guess
He doesn't like sitting in his high chair anymore but does okay in a chair
His appetite has definitely decreased but he still likes a wide variety of foods
He gets super excited when friends come over
Jude loves candy and sugar
He also loves eating apples and calls them "bapples"
He loves watching 'shows' and watches Cars and Mikey Mouse clubhouse over and over.
Jude loves playing in the backyard and at the park
He knows where the baby is and points to my belly
He likes to have us smell his feet all the time
He likes to tickle his dad
He loves to give eskimo kisses and hugs
He thinks farting is funny and says 'toot'
His favorite toys are blocks, and basketballs, of course
He also likes toy cars and has started a little collection
We love all of the new things he learns and teaches us and could not love him more!

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