Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Girls Weekend

We planned this sleepover like two months ago. David lovingly agreed to take over Jude duty for about 24 hours so I could head down to San Diego to have some girls time. It was so fun! We ate so much yummy food and explored and shopped and laughed. We stayed up late crafting and watching movies, and drank way too much caffeine. I have to say that I don't have a ton of girl friends that I talk to often, mostly because girls are flaky, emotional and dramatic (this includes me). Cori is not one of those girls. She is honestly one of the best friends I've ever had, and she is a good friend to everyone she knows. She never flakes on anyone and drives long lengths to go to parties or visit loved ones. I'm so glad she's my friend. And yes, I did miss Jude. 

Sprinkles cupcakes with an ocean view at La Jolla

Alien necks

Walking around Hillcrest after breakfast

Christmas crafts, A Walk to Remember, giant sodas

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 14 Months

14 months! Oh man, each month disappears. Jude is almost running everywhere he goes now. He's gotten some good bumps on his head from losing his balance. I took him to the doctor a couple weeks ago because I thought he had an ear infection. Turns out he was just rubbing his ears because teeth were coming in. He now has 12! All four top and bottom and 4 molars. He is so much fun and cracks us up all day long. He's started doing this 'go crazy' thing where he shakes his head around and makes funny sounds. He dances and mouths the words like he's lip syncing and its hilarious. He is obsessed with wooden spoons and brushes. He tries to hold as many as he can at once and gets mad if he can't pick them all up. Even though he's busy, he will still cuddle and relax with you before or after naps.
He loves sippy cups and his pacifier. He loves putting shoes and socks on. He loves baths. He really loves peanut butter crackers and if he sees the box he will beg and sign please forever. He climbs on the couch all day long, can open some doors now and tries to get outside EVERY chance he gets.
One of my favorite things is finding random items in weird places and realizing that Jude threw them in when no one was looking. The other day I couldn't find my phone and it ended up being in his toy box. I looked in the laundry basket last week and in it was a dog toy, a plastic wrench and my hair brush. It makes me smile every time.
We gave him a little haircut since it was getting a little long in the back. It's not the best cut ever, but it will do for now.
Wooden spoon obsessed

Buddy waiting for lunch at Cafe Rio

 Watching Curious George

Sitting in his wagon

Cuddling at church

Dipping his quesadilla in the grease
at Rosie's

Collecting animals at Bass Pro

Handsome pant-less man

Chocolate cupcake gone wrong

The Rest of our Halloween Celebrations

October was filled with dressing up, candy and having fun with friends and family.

At our friend's Halloween party. 
Jude and his buddy Violet.
Han + Leia

 Tom's Farms fun

Jude's first pony ride! He loved it, but kept it to himself.

Trunk or treat!
Walking in the parade. It was one of the cutest things EVER.

October 31st. Our little yoda boy.

Jude and Campbell and Imogen, ready to hit the sidewalks!

Jude got to take it easy since we wheeled him around 
my parent's neighborhood for trick or treating.
He now loves any kind of lollipop.

Another pumpkin patch we visited near our house.

L.A. Date: Conan, Thai-town and Griffith Observatory

 Our cousin came into some Conan tickets and graciously offered them to us. We accepted happily! We love Conan and have always wanted to go to a taping. It was so fun to see how everything went down, walk through the studio and see celebrities! We laughed and clapped and had a great time, even if we were sitting in the back :)
It took a few hours for the taping so after we were starving. We headed to Thai-town for some good food. We picked a restaurant from Yelp called Jitla that had good reviews and a recommendation from Curtis Stone. The food was amazing and there was artwork all over the inside by Matt Groening. I guess he's a fan of it too!
We drove up to the observatory afterward and walked around. It was getting late (for me) and it was cold out so we didn't stay too long. It was SO wonderful to spend the whole day together and not have to worry about getting a baby in and out of the car. We missed Jude and were so glad that he was in good hands while we had our little adventure. Getting away for a little while every so often is very refreshing and gives you a little recharge as a mom. You come back renewed and ready to jump in.