Sunday, November 10, 2013

L.A. Date: Conan, Thai-town and Griffith Observatory

 Our cousin came into some Conan tickets and graciously offered them to us. We accepted happily! We love Conan and have always wanted to go to a taping. It was so fun to see how everything went down, walk through the studio and see celebrities! We laughed and clapped and had a great time, even if we were sitting in the back :)
It took a few hours for the taping so after we were starving. We headed to Thai-town for some good food. We picked a restaurant from Yelp called Jitla that had good reviews and a recommendation from Curtis Stone. The food was amazing and there was artwork all over the inside by Matt Groening. I guess he's a fan of it too!
We drove up to the observatory afterward and walked around. It was getting late (for me) and it was cold out so we didn't stay too long. It was SO wonderful to spend the whole day together and not have to worry about getting a baby in and out of the car. We missed Jude and were so glad that he was in good hands while we had our little adventure. Getting away for a little while every so often is very refreshing and gives you a little recharge as a mom. You come back renewed and ready to jump in.

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