Sunday, November 10, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 14 Months

14 months! Oh man, each month disappears. Jude is almost running everywhere he goes now. He's gotten some good bumps on his head from losing his balance. I took him to the doctor a couple weeks ago because I thought he had an ear infection. Turns out he was just rubbing his ears because teeth were coming in. He now has 12! All four top and bottom and 4 molars. He is so much fun and cracks us up all day long. He's started doing this 'go crazy' thing where he shakes his head around and makes funny sounds. He dances and mouths the words like he's lip syncing and its hilarious. He is obsessed with wooden spoons and brushes. He tries to hold as many as he can at once and gets mad if he can't pick them all up. Even though he's busy, he will still cuddle and relax with you before or after naps.
He loves sippy cups and his pacifier. He loves putting shoes and socks on. He loves baths. He really loves peanut butter crackers and if he sees the box he will beg and sign please forever. He climbs on the couch all day long, can open some doors now and tries to get outside EVERY chance he gets.
One of my favorite things is finding random items in weird places and realizing that Jude threw them in when no one was looking. The other day I couldn't find my phone and it ended up being in his toy box. I looked in the laundry basket last week and in it was a dog toy, a plastic wrench and my hair brush. It makes me smile every time.
We gave him a little haircut since it was getting a little long in the back. It's not the best cut ever, but it will do for now.
Wooden spoon obsessed

Buddy waiting for lunch at Cafe Rio

 Watching Curious George

Sitting in his wagon

Cuddling at church

Dipping his quesadilla in the grease
at Rosie's

Collecting animals at Bass Pro

Handsome pant-less man

Chocolate cupcake gone wrong

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