Sunday, August 11, 2013

Utah July 2013

Life threw us a little bump and we suddenly had to make some decisions about our summer. Things worked out for us to spend about a month up in Utah for David to work. I could either stay here for a month or tag along, so I decided to join in and then we'd head down to Cedar City for Shakespeare on our way back home. We did SO many fun things and really enjoyed being with our friends and cousins. We are also so grateful to Blake + Julie and Dresden + Logan for opening their homes (and basically letting us take over) for the time we were there. Here's our month in photos:

Provo farmer's market (I miss it so)

Picnic and a drive around the Alpine Loop

 Pioneer day bbq with friends
 "Mom, Dad said I could get a blowgun"
 David had his wish come true with some camping and
crawfish cookouts around the fire
 Dad's head makes a good chair
 Loud bday lunch at Tucanos
 Lola loved Jude
 City creek and a temple view
 4th of July at Thanksgiving Point

 Me + Christiana = BFFs

 Kangaroo Zoo bounce house fun

 We went swimming a few times 
and loved the Linden public pool

 Poor boy had a bit of a hard time adjusting to sleeping
in the pack n play day and night. He got used to it
after a bit and did much better.
 We happened to be in town in time to be at my 
lovely friend Cindel's beautiful wedding, too.
 Spent some time with Lola and we 
did a little baking
 Disney store at City creek

 Sad to be leaving so many people we love!
(Just tired, actually)

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