Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shakespeare 2013

We made it to Shakespeare after missing the last two years! We were so excited. We had a ton of fun packed into a few days. Cedar City is a sweet little town, I love the weather and the grounds of the University. Our in-laws baby sat for us and we got to enjoy Love's Labour's Lost. Chloe joined in for her first play ever and did great! I unfortunately got strep throat while there and was a little out of it. Luckily David's awesome cousin was able to prescribe some antibiotics for me, which we are SO grateful for. We really love the Campbell side of the family and had so much fun talking and hanging out with everyone. I love that we have a set little vacation every year.

 Green show with our little "knight in training"
 walking to the green show
 David showing Jude the statue of his
Great Great Great Grandma Nellie
who was a pioneer that settled
in Cedar City

 Chlo's first play
 Walking to the play 

 Happy to know that a carseat and 
two boosters fit just fine in our back seat :)
 Jude having the time of his life at the aquatic center

 Sadie turned 2!

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