Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yosemite + Bass Lake

The Fenn side planned a getaway to celebrate David's parent's 45 wedding anniversary. We decided to rent a house so everyone could fit and spend time together at Bass Lake, which is pretty close to Yosemite. Lots of food was eaten, tons of pictures were taken and plenty of games were played:)
Jude did not enjoy the drive there or back, but did decently well in the car. By the end of the trip he was even doing great sleeping somewhere besides his crib! Poor boy is teething tho, so he was fussy a lot.

Friday we hiked around the falls all day and then threw together a little Hawaiian anniversary party as a surprise for the grandparents. The kids loved dressing up!

Saturday everyone went on a train ride while David and I stayed back with Jude so he could get a decent nap. Then it was relaxing, bubbles, yummy bbq for lunch and homemade pretzel dogs for dinner.

Sunday we hiked the giant sequoia area with the jogging stroller...David was a champ and pushed it uphill and over rocks most of the time. We almost made it to the top but decided to turn back when we learned that the tram back down cost mucho dinero. It was still fun to get a hike in!
We had a great trip with everyone and I always love bonding with the fam.  It's nice to have other adults around after the kids go to bed to chat with. We love our families!

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