Monday, May 6, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 7 Months

I am so behind with updating Jude's monthlies.  He turns 8 months old in two days. Here's the 7 month update!
Jude is a happy boy! He is sleeping all night (unless we're not at home), much to the joy of his parents.
He loves toys, other babies, bath time, ANY food, snacks, riding in his stroller, naps, necklaces, strings to suck on, pulling hair, rolling over, dogs, eating grass, cuddling, pacifiers, sippy cups or drinking out of a straw, yogurt melts, music or singing, screaming, biting stuff with his sharp baby teeth, balloons, blankies and sleeping with blankets over his face, being tickled or thrown in the air, being held by pretty much anyone.
He learned to drink out of a straw and can't get enough. He does a little sigh after taking a long drink.
He says mamama, dadada, bababa.
Jude went swimming for the first time and hated the pool because it was too cold, but liked being in the jacuzzi for a few minutes.
He loves to growl, grunt and scream.
He had his first runny nose that lasted for TWO WEEKS.
We visited second cousins in Arizona.
He waves bye-bye at himself in the mirror.
He can turn in a 360 while sitting.
When he's about to eat something yummy he will smack his lips.
He picks up food by himself and puts it into his mouth.
We love him and we love watching him grow. He makes us so dang happy!

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