Friday, February 15, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 5 Months Old!

5 Months! We can't believe it. This boy is almost sitting up on his own. We love everything about him. He loves toys. He takes great naps. He does NOT sleep well at night, but you can't have everything, right? He is so happy, although he is starting to get attached to me. I guess it's just a natural thing since I'm with him so much. I try to pass him around so he likes being held by other people, too.

He loves oatmeal and mangoes, prunes and butternut squash. I've been making my own baby food to save money and control the quality of the ingredients, and I love  doing it! It's really so easy. I made Jude some blueberry-celery puree the other day because I was reading that celery is a natural pain killer, and this boy has started teething. He loves it and eats it up! I also give him a celery stick to suck on when it seems like his gums are bothering him.

He still loves toys and playing. We still swaddle him at naps and I've started swaddling him at night now because I think it helps him stay asleep longer. Once he wakes up he can break out, though. 
The poor boy's hair has been falling out and he basically has a thick patch at the bottom of his neck and the front top part of his head. We are so sad :( But I knew it was probably going to happen.
He wears size 3 diapers now, but we are transitioning to cloth diapers this month.


  1. I still can't believe you have a little babe of your own. Tell me about how the cloth diapering goes!

  2. Good call on the celery stick for teething! I'll have to remember that one! And homemade baby food is the best! Some people said I was crazy because it was "SO much easier to buy" but I enjoyed making it!