Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Faughts in Brian Head

My family rented a cabin in Brian Head, Utah for the week after Christmas. We hadn't been on a family vacation since 2006 so we were excited to finally be all together. Unfortunately Trevor couldn't come since he was working in Hawaii, but we had a great time playing in the snow. We had some trouble getting up the hill to our cabin a couple times but it gave us some good stories to tell. Like how driving up the hill backwards gave us better traction than going forward? No idea why.
Here's our cabin:
 On our way down the hill for breakfast:
 Jude's first time in the snow! He even went sledding.

 SO much snow. We're standing up against a giant hill.
 Me, Remy and Kyle tried to make a sledding hill
 We were lucky to have my mom + sister with us
since they're such big helps and I got crazy sick
 Ready for the bath!
 While there we figured out that if we stood Jude up 
against something, he could stand there on his own for a few seconds
 And the yummiest berry pie ever.

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