Thursday, January 31, 2013

A cold visit to Utah

Since we were already more than halfway to Provo on vacation we decided to make the rest of the trip up to visit all our friends + family in Provo. It had been almost a year since we'd been and most of our friends hadn't met Jude yet. Jude did great on the ride up, especially because Remy was in the backseat keeping him company. We had a great time visiting everyone. I was especially excited to see Christiana + her babies. It's hard living so far from your best friend! We celebrated New Year's Eve with everyone and had a great time. It was hard leaving again- even though we are happy here, we left a lot behind when we moved from Utah.

 Thanks to Blake + Julie for letting us stay with them.
Jude loved the bouncy chair.
 We went to India Palace with everyone the night before we left.
This is the only picture we got with friends! We need to be
better at taking more pictures.

 The ride home was a different story. From St. George home
we were in separate cars because David picked up his dad's
truck to bring it to California. Driving alone with a baby
in the back who wants to get out of his carseat is TORTURE.
 Rockwell REALLY wanted to lick Jude's face.
 And Jude discovered his hands.

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