Monday, June 4, 2012

27 weeks + hopes for the boy

Here we are, nearly 27 weeks into this. The weeks keep flying by. Last week I realized I had 15 weeks left and had a slight panic attack. I don't feel like I'm not prepared- I don't think any amount of diapers or baby clothes could make me feel better. It's just this huge countdown that can't be stopped. We are excited and nervous and anxious for our baby to arrive.
My doctor said everything is measuring normal and that I'm "all baby, " whatever that means. :) She started to talk to me about my birth plan which stressed me out. I feel like I just found out that I'm pregnant, not that I'm creeping closer and closer to delivery. We plan on taking a tour of the hospital and taking a few classes provided by the hospital in the next few months.
Two of my amazing friends have taken on the crazy task of planning my baby shower, and I'm so grateful to them. After moving back to California, I realized I don't have many girlfriends out here anymore, but the ones I do have are wonderful and putting a lot of effort into planning a great celebration. I'm looking forward to the fun time we'll have, even if I hate having people watch me open presents (visions of my bridal shower all over again.)
photo of no longer baby boy + hatless woody by me
As we feel baby move (and kick various organs), we plan the fun things we'll get to show and teach him. I read a wonderful parenting book that I am in love with now, and we've been talking about what we "ideally" plan on implementing with our baby for a schedule, sleeping, eating habits, discipline and so on. Now, I know nothing will probably go exactly how we want it to, but I think there's benefits to talking out what we'd like to do in our home at this point. Plus, I love a good challenge :) Besides the serious stuff, we can't wait to figure out what his first Halloween costume will be, have him with us when we open presents as a family this Christmas, and introduce him to his cousins. You might notice that I've been VERY slack about taking any kind of real pictures of us or anyone else lately. I honestly think I'm preparing for the photo OVERLOAD that will for sure happen once he arrives. He's going to be used to having a camera lens in his face from minute #1.  As for how I'm feeling, my energy level is still low as ever, but I feel good most of the time. My back cramps up easily and I have crazy heartburn, especially in the middle of the night, but I know I've had it easy so I can't complain. I get kicked a lot and it always makes me happy. I miss sleeping on my stomach. A lot.
I get excited thinking about which Disney movies to introduce first and what age to buy his first Saltwater sandals at (my only intended splurge for him). But what I'm really most anticipating is seeing his sweet little face and watching him develop his little personality. I truly hope he gets most of his dad's traits- always happy, fun loving, goofy, never ever moody, creative, always positive and hardworking- because we all know I'm rarely any of those things :)


  1. How exciting! What a great time. I'm curious what the parenting book is that you read.

    1. Elise, it's called Bringing Up Baby. I loved it, and although I won't be implementing all of the ideas, it's taught me things I never knew we're possible with raising well behaved children!

    2. Bringing Up Bebe, I mean. :)

  2. Don't forget that his momma has some great traits too!