Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Only in Dreams

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I'm one of those weird people who remember their dreams every night. They've been especially vivid and frequent since with my current job I have at least two times a day when I wake up and the space in between my sleep is at least 4 hours. I most commonly dream about nice things like babies or having a house. Sometimes I dream about slipping down stairs or tripping. I've had very in depth dreams that I thought meant something, but then the next night I'd dream about having to choose between David and my ex-boyfriend, and I feel like those voided anything the "meaningful" ones could have meant because others were so ridiculous.

My sister in law is assured her dreams mean something, and I find it so interesting. She's Korean, and it seems it's an important part of her culture. I love hearing about it. I once had a dream where my mom died and I woke up crying. I told my sister in law about it, and she assured me it meant that my mom would have a long life. Interesting, right? My mom didn't find out what the sex of any of her 4 children were, and she said she dreamed what each of us were and every time it was right.

What made me think of all of this was a dream I had this morning. It's one of the worst. I'm getting ready for school and I can't find my shoes or any of my school books. Then I realize I can't remember what classes I have that day, and I'm searching everywhere for my binder that has my schedule. I then also remember that I haven't been to my math class or done my math homework for over a month and wonder if I should even go to school. I have had the dream about being behind in my math class at LEAST 15 times. Why am I still dreaming about high school??

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