Friday, December 2, 2011

Busy time

I've been a bad blogger lately. With work, a photoshoot + editing, nannying and the holidays, I've had no energy to post.  Now that David has entered finals time for school I have some alone time and can get back on track.
 Above: the start of my frame collection for the couch wall.
 David got the iphone 4s (it's mostly his christmas present) and I got his 4.
I was supposed to get one for my birthday so it's like a belated bday for me!
 Getting ready for sleep!
 I like this scripture.
Lunch! It's summery, I know.

Thanksgiving was fantastic. My mom outdid herself as usual and everyone had a great time. Crock pot mashed potatoes were the winner for sure! We got to stay for three days because our car was having major issues and we had to wait to get it fixed, but I didn't mind because we got some quality family hang time in :) I even got Thanksgiving day off of work, one of my two days off (not counting weekends) during the year. Since we came home Saturday night I've been planning on decorating for Christmas, but with David so busy studying we haven't gotten a tree yet. I'm hoping tonight or tomorrow if he can take a long enough break to pick one out! Yay! I love December. 

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