Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You had my heart inside your hand

What a weekend. I started a new schedule at work where I either start at 4AM or 6AM depending on the day, so by the time Saturday came I was more than excited to sleep in. I've been so stressed about waking up early that I haven't even been sleeping well- which in the end makes me more tired (on Friday I fell asleep around 2AM and my alarm went off at 4...I was a zombie all day).

Saturday I got to spend part of the day at a charity event for my boss' organization that supports families with children with special needs. I took some pictures and hung out with friends from work. It was a really neat experience and I got emotional a few times. Those kids are really special and they have an amazing spirit around them :)

Sunday we hung out with our oldest Provo friends Justin + Christiana (and Beck, pictured above). They moved up north a bit recently and it's been hard getting used to them being more than 5 minutes away. All in all it was a fun, relaxing weekend. But I think I'm looking forward to this Saturday even more...

PS. sometimes it turns out that the best picture out of the bunch is the one where the baby WONT sit still and crawls toward your camera instead of staying put in the spot you placed him in.

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