Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring, spring, spring

You're supposed to sing the title of this post like in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. If you know that movie. And if you don't you should probably watch it. It's my favorite.

Things are JUST starting to get warm here (I plan on more snow days of course) so I'm taking in all the sunshine I can. I'm home sick with a cold today but thinking about future warm days and what I want to plan.

I need some easy simple skirts and dresses for warmer weather, like this:

I also can't wait to plan dinner parties with strung lights. So pretty.

I miss California fruit, ESPECIALLY strawberries. but spring and summer fruit are just around the corner. Let's see what you've got, Utah!

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

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  1. I miss southern watermelons!! utah does not know about a good watermelon! I don't know about Cali, but watermelon is definitely lacking here. for sure. The best watermelon Utah has to offer is an "okay" watermelon from where I come from. :) ha