Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our weekend via the iphone

I love the hipstamatic app for iphone, obviously. Here's our long weekend in sunny CA via the iphone.
I have a billion more pics I took with the 5d and I'll upload those eventually.

The reason we went to California? Brian + Moonsung were sealed in the Newport Beach Temple along with their sweet daughter Campbell. The whole family was together and it was wonderful. I also got to throw my parents a 25th anniversary party. The days were busy but we loved it.

Remy attacking David's breakfast burrito

Amanda + Lilah
David + crazy Lilah
We stayed the night on Wed night at the trailer park in littlefield, az.
Me attempting to calm Campbell down

Me + mom at burger basket
Dad + Nana
The girls entertaining Campbell
Lilah on uncle Davids shoulders
Us at the temple
the newly sealed fam

the girls with the dolls nana jean made them
chloe drawing in sacrament meeting
Me + the Cam-meister


  1. you have some of the cutest nieces ever! That pic of "crazy Lilah" is so funny.

  2. Cute pictures! We spent really fun time with you guys.