Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hawaii Part 1- Laie

We were lucky enough to be able to stay with my Aunt Kelly + Uncle Drew while we were in Hawaii. Our vacation wouldn't have been possible without their hospitality. They just finished building a new house directly across from the beach on the North Shore- and below was the view from their guest room, where we stayed. At night you can hear the waves crash on the beach. We hadn't seen my aunt and uncle and their kids in about 2 1/2 years, so it was really fun to be able to catch up with them. My aunt also had her fourth child (and first girl after 3 boys) back in April, so we got to meet her too. It was a very different experience to stay with my aunt without my immediate family there- it was nice to be able to chat and talk about things we never really had- she got married when I was about 10.
Here's me with my lei on. David bought it for me at the airport when we landed. David lived in Oahu when he went to BYU the semester before he met me so he was able to show us around.
We ate at Hukilau Cafe twice- the first time we went with the french toast made with hawaii sweet bread and banana pancakes. The second trip we decided to attempt a more local favorite and got fried rice with eggs and sausage (we couldn't get the spam, we're not legit enough). Fried rice for breakfast sounds super weird, but it was the best fried rice I've ever had.
Here's the french toast. It was SO good.
In the afternoons the boys would get home from school so we'd hang out at home. Ian loved David, or at least loved to wrestle with him. More than once I came upstairs to find him sitting on or laying against David. It was too cute.
Our last night in Hawaii we went to Turtle Bay for dinner. I cracked up because we went to a nice restaurant, but Ethan didn't wear shoes- no one noticed or cared. I liked it. The sun was setting and we only had David's iphone for pics, so they're not the best. Here are the boys. It was a struggle to keep them all in frame.
Here's me, Aunt Kelly and the baby. Doesn't she look amazing for just having had a baby 6 months before? She's in better shape than I am (I don't even try so it's my own fault.) hahaha.
Me and David at Turtle Bay.
Here's me, Ian and the baby girl in the backyard. He made that face whenever I took a picture of him or if he was embarrassed. It still makes me laugh.
He looks so serious.
Ethan tending to baby girl.
Eli held Kenzie so much while we were there. And she ALWAYS spit up on him. I love her hair here, it looks like a flame.
Attacking Eli's face.
Thanks again to my family for letting us stay in their beautiful and amazing home. We miss you all, already.

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