Thursday, October 7, 2010

My grandma

So, recently my uncles have been posting all of these old photos of my dad and his siblings and parents from the 50's and 60's. There are tons of pictures I'd never seen before and I'm absolutely in love with them. I like pictures anyway, and to hear about my Grandpa taking pictures of my Grandma and their kids makes me happy. I wish he was around still so we could talk about cameras and all that- I never knew him though. My Grandma died when I was in high school, and this past weekend it would have been her birthday I believe, so I decided to post these pictures in her honor. My uncle Jeff says she was the original Scarlett Johannson. I agree.

My Grandma (Dorothy Marcia, called Marci) was THE most lovely, sweet and kind person I've ever known. She had so much love to give and I know she loved and helped and prayed for each one of her children and grandchildren her entire life.

When I was 5 we got to live with her for a few years. It takes a wonderful woman to let her Son and his wife and 3 kids live with her in a tiny condo. She was an amazing example to all of us, and I know for sure her influence helped my family become active in the church.

My dad is # 3 out of 7 children...the first four were boys, then two girls, then a boy. Seeing these makes me want a big family. We'll see if that actually happens...ha. :)


  1. ok, so i have a tendency to just look at pictures, and when i looked at these, i thought "she looks like scarlett johannson!" but i thought i should look through what you wrote to see if you said the same thing (so i don't look like an idiot, you know.) :)

    she's gorgeous.

  2. Love the old photos. Keep taking the great photos taht you are doing and years from now, people will be loving them--and noting how old--different--funny--people were back in 2010

  3. Grandma was so beautiful. I'm so happy that you put these up, Natalie. :)