Wednesday, April 1, 2009

our fun night

last night, about 1:40 AM our fire alarm went off in our apartment. i woke up out of a dead sleep scared for my life. we got up and got clothes on and david looked outside, but no one was going out of their apartments...and it was snowing. so we look at eachother, no idea what to do. the noise is ear piercing and super high pitched. david went to listen by the neighbors to see if their alarms were going off too, but he said that they weren't. we figured out it was all of the smoke detectors going off at the same time...but there was no smoke. he finally figured out if he disconnected them from the ceiling that they would stop but he had to do each one. david looked in the spare room and saw our hamster just staring out at us, scared as can be. we moved her into the laundry room where it was quieter. after we figured out how to eliminate the sound, we got back in bed and a little while later david got back up and called his dad. david opened up one of the smoke detectors that was in the dining room and water came out of it...we're assuming that since it was snowing that somehow there must have been a leak or something that tripped the smoke detector wires.

after that we didn't fall asleep for a long, long time. we are so tired today.


  1. Maybe it was a mean April fools trick someone played on you!

  2. WOW what a night, I would be so freaked out! Glad all is ok other than you being super tired!