Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our Favorite Things

Since Christmas time is coming nearer, I decided to list some of the things we enjoy most in life. They're not in any specific order, just listed how my brain thought of them. I'm listing things we both love-then I can see written out what we have in common because we definitely like things that the other person doesn't like as much (coca-cola, x-box, cooking shows, healthy food) so it's good to remember what we both love!
1. Aveda products. We LOVE getting our hair cut at Aveda. They're kind of a hip salon, and the products smell amazingly good. We go to the Lotus up here in the village and Jade at Victoria Gardens. I've also gotten a facial there-sooo nice.

2. Our new camera. We finally splurged and bought a Canon rebel. Our true love of photography really started blossoming the second we met our wedding photographer, Amelia Lyon (see #3). My secret hope is that someday we can become a photography team and make it a side-career for us.

3. Our photographers. Funny that we still refer to them as "our photographers", since we've been married over a year now. Our wedding/engagement pictures are so amazing that every time I look at them it's like I'm seeing them for the first time again! Justin and Amelia Lyon are so creative and talented-and truly inspiring!

4. Our niece. Chloe Fenn is by far the most entertaining thing around at family get-togethers. She is the cutest little girl I've ever seen, and definitely one of the smartest. She runs around, holding anything that looks like a phone up to her ear (real cordless phone, ipod, iphone). She's just such a happy baby.

5. Weather. David and I check the weather every day on this awesome website one of his geology teachers at Cal State Fullerton told him about(weatherunderground.com). We always let eachother know when there's a chance that it's going to rain or snow. The first rain of this season, David called me at work and let me know that it was pouring in Rimforest. He was so excited! Plus it snowed this last weekend-we just sat in bed and watched it build up on our deck.

6. Seinfeld. Sometimes it's hard for us to agree about what we should watch during/after dinner, but Seinfeld is always our number one choice from our list of recorded shows. Jerry Seinfeld's stand up is possibly most quoted thing in our house/extended family.

7. Sangria. Not David's or my number one drink (his is coke, mine is vitamin water) but always a good go-to for fun dinners together. It's ALWAYS on sale at our Stater Brother's (4 for $3) but David always forgets and says "Let's just get some sangria. It's on sale- 4 for 3!" It's pretty funny.

8. Planet Funk. This is our new find at Victoria Gardens. It's pretty expensive, but we like so much stuff in there it's always a struggle in trying to decide if we should get it. After looking at the same shirt for at least 4 months I finally bought it- But we usually just stare at the things we like.

9. Decorating. I've never met a guy who liked to decorate a house for the holidays more than David. If we go to Home Goods, he's got like 5 wreaths in his arms and wants me to decide which one I like best. I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of cute. He also did a great job with the ribbon on our tree.

10. Jack Purcells. David wore his until you could see his socks peeking through the cracks when he took a step. He finally wore them to work and got deck-stain all over them so they're goners now. They're kind of hard to find so he's going without right now. He wears black and I wear white. They're nice little shoes.

11. Anthropologie. I'll admit that I love this store more than David does, but it really encompasses our combined styles. It's bright, classic, new, vintage, and rustic. The only problem is that it's overpriced. So now we try to re-create the things we see at home.

12. Candles. We love to buy candles! Especially holiday flavored ones. One is always melting on the candle warmer. Right now we're enjoying Holiday Memories and Pumpkin-Vanilla. We discovered that soy candles give off the most scent.

13. JD Salinger. David loves Catcher in the Rye and I love Franny and Zooey. He's real and true and speaks the things I think we wish we could say. Plus David quoted it to me when we were dating-Salinger will always have a special place in my heart.

14. Van Goh. After wandering around Europe for 2 1/2 weeks and seeing tons of basilicas and museums we were kind of burnt out. After debating about one more museum we decided to go to the National Gallery in London the day before we left to come home. We saw the largest volume of recognizable paintings there, including Monets and Da Vincis. But the best thing we saw was the wall of Van Gohs. To be that close to the real thing was crazy! I definitely am more partial to pretty things-and the bright colors of the Van Gohs were ridiculous. David even tried to touch one of the paintings and got sternly reminded NOT to touch the them.

15. Jeans. We wear jeans every day of our lives-so we live in the most comfy ones we can find. David likes AG's, Paper and Denim and 7's and I mostly wear 7's. I need the stretch! Comfortable is definitely a word to describe our lifestyle.

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  1. Yeah Chloe made the list! That was soo sweet and I agree Sangria is really good with Dinner. I walked past Antropologie today but I didn't dare go in =).