Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Take on Parenthood

Before we had kids we talked a lot about the fun we'd have, but also the stresses and hardships that would come along with caring for another human being. We expected the sleepless nights, endless crying and loss of alone time. I noticed when I was pregnant that people, especially strangers, would point out that I needed to enjoy these last moments without kids because very soon my life would be gone.
After it was all said and done, we ended up with a very happy, easy baby- which I think is partly just his personality and partly how we have decided to "raise" him so far ;) But we have been pleasantly surprised at the sheer joy that has come along with having Jude in our lives. Sure, we can't just run to a movie or dinner any time we want. We stay inside nights so that Jude can go to bed at a reasonable hour. I drink a crazy amount of water and have put losing weight pretty much on the back burner so that I can make enough milk and continue breastfeeding as long as possible...and it's all worth it. We've found our balance between being parents and being a couple. The real challenge will be when we add more babies...

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  1. Love the picture! Parenting is something special- so glad you guys are enjoying it!