Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebrating Halloween at the Great Park

My SIL Chelsea is the best at planning things. We'd rarely get together if it wasn't for her- something I need to be better at. She is the queen of finding fun things to do. She was in town with the girls yesterday and so me, Moonsung and Chelsea all planned on meeting at the great park in Irvine for the Halloween festivities they were putting on. The kids each got to pick a pumpkin from the patch (I even got one for Jude), and the girls got to trick-or-treat. It was a fun way for me to break up the day while David studied for a midterm. Thanks for the fun time girls!


  1. Loving all the blog posts! Jude is such a handsome little guy ;)

  2. your baby is beautiful!! so cute and you look awesome! your whole family is beautiful!! cherish every minute and i'm glad you are taking so many pictures too!! keep taking them because it goes fast! :)