Friday, May 11, 2012

April + May

We are smack in the middle of finals (I say "we" because I am greatly affected by them even if I'm not physically studying + taking them myself), and I'll be glad when this school year is over. I have to say, after hearing all of the horror stories about how hard law school is to get through, especially the first year, I think we both agree that it wasn't all that bad. There's definitely more time apart than we're used to, but I don't feel single again as some people have threatened me with. We'll see how I feel when a baby is thrown into the mix next semester, tho :)
In the past few weeks we've:
-Helped family move (David helped, I watched)
-Had my family over for my mom's birthday dinner
-Spent the morning in Irvine with the big orange balloon
-Eaten yummy Korean bbq
-Visited the pool a few times
-Keith visited for a few days and we took a leisurely drive in his new car
-Blake and Julie visited for a few days and we went to Disneyland + ate good food

I met my SIL Chelsea in Long Beach and took Chloe + Lilah to the aquarium last minute so she could go to Time out for Women. It was a fun morning, but I am so glad I'm only having one baby at a time! The girls are great and well behaved, they just have a lot of energy and I am running on about 30% of my normal energy level. It was fun to see them excited about all the animals.

We're looking forward to summer! We can't wait to spend time in the mountains, our favorite place. We'd like to visit Utah and possibly Arizona this summer, but that will depend on internships/jobs and my willingness to ride in the car for an extended period of time. I'd LOVE to go to Shakespeare this year, but it's about a month before my due date and I think we'd rather not risk it. Next year!

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