Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm reading Mindy Kaling's book right now and I love the chapter about the ideal man. (It's actually titled "Men need almost nothing to be great.") It breaks down how to be a great guy. Here are some of my favorite points:

-Own several pairs of dark-wash straight leg jeans
-When you think a girl looks pretty, say it
-Avoid asking if someone needs help in a kitchen or at a party, just start helping
-Have one great cologne and wear very little of it, all the time
-Get a little jealous now and again, even if you're not strictly a jealous guy

Her explanations are funny and real. I love it. Here are some guys I think are great:

(a blogger's spouse. i love his style.)

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest


Mr. Darcy.

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