Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Style Advice

For the most part, I like how I dress and I feel like I know how to dress my body in a pretty flattering way. I do get into style ruts or sometimes choose things that I love over how they flatter my body, but for the most part I steer toward open necked tops, nothing too tight, high waisted pants or skirts to suck me in and hit me in the right spot on my waist. My issue this week is that we're getting pictures taken this week and I need advice with what to wear! In the past I've always worn jeans- because that's US and I want the photos to represent us. However, I want to do something fun, bright, different, but still us, this time. So, what are my options? I'll break them down for you, and I'd love any input, suggestions or inspiration.

Jeans: skinny darks or flared darks

Pants: black, high waisted skinnies

Skirts: Madewell chambray button down skirt, worn high waisted
 I can't stop wearing this skirt
Topsred-orange plaid collared button up, plaid wool collared button up (seen in this post), t-shirts, cardigans, belts...

 Shoes: brown Frye motorcycle boots, red ankle strapped wooden open toed clogs, flats, white slight wedged Target slip ons...

                                                                          the red clogs look similar to these

What do you think?


  1. haha, too funny! I was JUST going over the same thing. We had a photo shoot lined up for some pretty "fall" pictures and then canceled because I couldn't figure out what to wear. Thanks for making me feel less lame about this.

  2. oh, and my suggesetion is a skirt.

  3. I think a high waisted skirt and cardigan would look really good. have i ever told you how much i love your style? I wish I could pull it off for myself.

  4. I think black high waisted, plaid shirt, and boots.