Monday, September 19, 2011


Life has been pretty average around our household. A normal day consists of me working early in the morning, going back to sleep around the time David wakes up to get ready for class. He gets home in the afternoons, studies while I finish up work stuff or grocery shop. We've also been fitting in Disneyland a few times a week for 2 or 3 hours. It's our date night time together :)
Here's some random pictures from David's phone from the last month or so.

Clementine wearing Remy's clothes. 

David on his first day of school.

Me + the girls the weekend of Campbell's Bday party.

My new favorite easy pie.

Disneyland 'date' in front of Big Thunder.
Thanks for taking a pic Cori! 
(we ran into her on our way in)

 Me + Sadie at Santino's bday party.

Chloe + Campbell


  1. loving your hair lately ms. gorgeous! looks like life is good for you in dear california

  2. You definitly look like you guys are "at home"... definitly a golden state kinda gal :)