Thursday, March 4, 2010

David is 30!

I love my husband for a million reasons. One of them is definitely because he was such a cute baby:

This picture was taking 29 years ago...I wasn't there, of course- Actually i was -5 years old, but anyway, my love is 30 years old today. I remember when we were first dating ( I was 18 and David was 25) my dad said the only reason he would let me date an older guy was because he didn't look that old. I didn't realize then what a benefit that would be to me! David is 30 today (well, at 6:42 AM PST) and he doesn't even look it. I am so thankful for everything that David does for me- I don't want anything more. We are heading off on our little trip tonight and we are so excited for this break from the daily life. And to see our family!

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