Friday, November 6, 2009

Puppy sitter

We're planning on heading to Arizona for thanksgiving, if we can figure out something with Clementine. Unfortunately everyone we've asked is heading out of town for the holiday. We're also considering a kennel and we found one that looks pretty good online, but it's kind of expensive. We don't want to leave her somewhere unsafe, so we're really in a dilemma. Does anyone know of a good kennel around here? Or is anyone staying in Utah for the holiday and willing to watch Clementine for a few days?


  1. Are you going to be in town on Nov 21? We will be up there and are needing a photographer???? Let me know if you can do it and if so what you would charge to do a bunch of family at Kip's Grandpa's 80'th Birthday??? Let me know? Thanks! Facebook me or call me!

    Good Luck on the puppy sitter!