Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Our quick trip to Boise was actually really fun. We don't mind road trips and we really like getting to visit new places. Boise surprisingly reminded us of parts of California- Anyway, it took us way longer to get there because we were towing a trailer but it still wasn't a horrible drive. We arrived on Friday night, but on the way down we stopped in Roy, UT to try the Burger Bar. We try to eat at places featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives if we get a chance. We like food way too much. The hamburgers were really good and so was my peanut butter shake.

On Saturday morning we wanted to stop in at a Great Harvest in Boise because one of David's mission friends, Wil, owns it. Unfortunately he was not there and we were a little disappointed...until Wil's wife walked in! She recognized David immediately. We ended up going over to their house and David got to visit with him while Amanda and I entertained their cute little boy by pretending the flashlight he was shining in our eyes was hurting us :) He really is a cute kid. I'm glad David got to visit a friend that he hasn't seen in so long and catch up.

We loaded up the truck with Amanda's stuff and on the way out of town stopped at the West Side Drive-In, another DDD restaurant. We ordered these buffalo fries which were basically potato wedges with buffalo sauce on them. They were really good! David got steak fingers which apparently is a really popular meal in Idaho + Wyoming. We also tried their potato ice cream which is just ice cream in the shape of a potato with cocoa powder on the outside to make it look like the skin of a potato. It was good and funny.


  1. I can't watch that show when I'm hungry. Awesome pics of your trip!

  2. My grandparents live in Roy, I'll have to go there next time I head up that way.
    Oh and your shirt in that picture is A-DOR-ABLE.

  3. oh my... that food looks so good! Randi served her mission there, and I went back with her to see someone get sealed, or baptized... not sure which, anyway, we went to a fair and had one of those potato desserts. SOO GOOD!